Mud Daubers (sometimes called “dirt digger”, “dirt diver”, “dirt dauber”, or “mud wasp”) are a type of wasp that we are constantly seeing here in Omaha Nebraska.

These wasps are look similar to other wasps with their black and yellow color, but are set aside by their long, slender, threat-like waists. These wasps build their nests in the form of cylindrical tubes that are only about the size of a lemon. These wasps are very rarely aggressive and spend most their time finding food which comes in the form of flower nectar. They will also stock their nests with spiders which they will serve as food for their offspring. They particularly like immature black widow spiders and will hunt them. Although these wasps are rarely aggressive, they can be dangerous so we encourage you to contact professionals to take care of them. If you are having problems with Mud Daubers, visit our website at or call us at (402)22-RECON.