Are you familiar with what Silverfish are? You most likely aren’t as silverfish are a pest that most people don’t really know much about. But we are here to change that!

This is a silverfish. Silverfish are not venous and do not bite, but they are a pest that homeowners never want to have to deal with. What makes these pests so terrible is the damage they can cause. Here are some of the top things every home owner needs to know about silverfish.

  1. Silverfish absolutely love books. Unlike people who like books for reading, silverfish like books for eating. Those who have shelves full of books should be on high alert for these pests because they can do a lot of damage rather quickly. It may take you months to realize they are in your library and at that point, there can be widespread damage.
  2. Silverfish love all of your clothes. Yes, even the ones that you’ve shoved into the back of your closet because they aren’t in style anymore. They will eat holes in your clothing, not because they like the fabric, but because they like the glues holding the fabrics together.
  3. Silverfish love eating glue. They are attracted to the starches that are found in glue which can lead them to seriously damage wallpapers in homes.
  4. Silverfish love paintings and photography. This isn’t because they have a particular eye for art, but because they love the taste of the art. The art in your house literally tastes good to these invasive pests.
  5. Silverfish don’t just eat fabrics and papers! They eat real food too! They will often times invade food pantries looking for starchy foods as well as coffee and sugar.
  6. Silverfish really love you even if you don’t love them back! They don’t love you in a romantic sort of way, rather they love eating your hair and eyelashes. You can find these pests crawling on you at night looking for a midnight snack.
  7. Silverfish are also an alarm telling you that you may have other problems. Silverfish are not the type of pests to chew their way into your home, but rather come in through holes cause by other creatures. And as they are drawn to moisture, their presence is often the result of water damage in or around your home that needs to be taken care of.
  8. Silverfish can be prevented! With so much damage that can be caused by these pests, they aren’t one for you to deal with by yourselves. Prevention and removal of these pests are best left up to professionals. To learn more, or contact us for silverfish prevention or removal, visit our website at or call us at (402)22-RECON.