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Recon Pest Services is a premier provider of Residential Pest Control Services throughout the Metro Omaha, Nebraska area. We are family owned and operated, with a combined 26 years of experience in the pest control industry. From your initial consultation with our friendly sales team and office staff, to our knowledgeable service reps, our goal is to deliver customer satisfaction. We take great pride in our knowledge, customer service and long list of satisfied customers, see our online reviews. Call Recon Pest Services at 402-22-RECON for your next Residential or Commercial Pest Control project. You'll be glad you did.


Code Green Unlimited

Recon's Code Green Unlimited Service provides a treatment each season of the year. This gives your home protection year-round, combating pests as they change with the seasons. The subscription also gives you access to our UNLIMITED Recon Treatments at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. This provides you and us the flexibility to customize your service to best fit your needs while keeping the billing consistent and predictable.

Mosquito Air Support Subscription

Recon's Mosquito Air Support delivers the necessary treatments to combat and control mosquitoes around your home. We do this in a safe EPA friendly way by first, helping you minimizing the mosquito population around your property naturally. We then apply treatments for long lasting results so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Let's make your yard a safe zone today.


Combat Services

Recon's Combat services offer our customers additional protection when dealing with the more difficult pests. This is particularly true when dealing with fleas and German cockroaches. Our Roach Combat, Flea Combat and Mole and Gopher Bunker Buster treatments are especially effective at neutralizing the threat, and provide you with an added sense of security. When dealing with wasps and rodents, our combat boxes and sting op traps are most essential.


Termites cost homeowners upward of $5 billion annually, invading more than 5 million homes each year. Thankfully, by learning to recognize the signs of "conducive conditions" - conditions that termites prefer when invading homes to look for food - you can address the problem before it grows.


Lucky for You, We Know Our Pests

the most common pest problems you can have around your home


Combat Services

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