Ants are one of those pests that never seem to go away. They are seen everywhere outside and once they get inside, they seem to never leave. It can seem as if your home really is theirs. But did you know that there is an entire social structure of ants that don’t even come out of their nest and are never seen?

This is an aluminum casting of an ant hill. Only one of the three types of ants will ever leave this nest. The type of ant that will leave the nest are the worker ants who do all of the work inside and outside of the nest. We typically see them as they go outside to forage for food and to built their nest. All of these ants are female. Then there is the queen ant which is responsible for laying all of the eggs as no other female ant will lay eggs. The queen usually lives deep in the nest as protection from predators and can live up to 30 years depending on the species. The last type of ant in a colony are the drones. These are the only males in the colony and are solely responsible for mating with the queen and will die soon after. You will most likely never see a male ant.

Even though there is only one caste of ant that you will ever see, there are thousands of them. They are found everywhere and can turn into huge nuisances. If you have an ant problem, visit our website at or call us at (402)22-RECON