Introducing our new In2Care Mosquito Buckets! These buckets effectively take care of mosquito problems and are perfect for places with standing water!

These buckets are the perfect remedy for any and all mosquito problems! With its technology, it attracts all mosquitoes especially egg-laying females who land on a floater and continue to lay their eggs in the bucket. As they hold on to the floater, while laying their eggs, they are picking up two different contaminants that are on the floater. One of these is a non transmittable fungus that kills the mosquito within a couple days. The other contaminant is a larvicide. This larvicide kills all the mosquito larvae in the bucket. When the mosquito leaves the bucket and chooses another place to lay its eggs, it brings the larvicide with it. When the mosquito starts laying its eggs in the new breeding location, it also deposits small amounts of the larvicide into the water which in turn, contaminates the water and kills the eggs just laid along with any other mosquito eggs and larva that were already there. With this bucket, we control mosquito breeding within 4,300 square feet. These mosquito buckets are an extremely effective way to take care of all of your mosquito problems! To get ahold of us or to learn more, visit our website at or call us at (402)22-RECON