Meet The Team


Meet Bo! Heres a little bit about him!

Bo is happily married to his sweetheart, Emilee. They have been married for just over 2 years and have taken the step to start a family. They have the cutest little boy, Emmett. More than anything they love spending time together. Emilee and Bo are teaching Emmett to find a great love for being outside in God’s creations. The mountains always seem to be calling them.

Bo was blessed to have a handful of unforgettable mentors, two older brothers and a loving father that taught him the value of leaving a legacy. Throughout his life he has learned the value of developing and nurturing relationships of influence and trust. You will find that if given a choice between his own personal gain and developing a long-lasting relationship, he will choose the later. Bo is currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. He has been in the Pest Control industry since 2014 and finds fulfillment in creating new relationships through work. Next to spending time with his wife and son, he loves anything and everything outdoors. Some hobbies he currently enjoys are backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing and beekeeping. He loves to create and work side by side with his wife.