WHAT ARE ANTS? With over 12,000 species that can be found all over the world and on every continent, ants are an insect that can be found anywhere! Ant colonies average to number about 3,000 - 4,000 members but that number can reach into the millions with the largest known colony containing 306 million members. Ninety-eight percent of ant colonies are hidden underground where they reproduce and continue to build their nests. Since most of their lives are spent underground, they have little use of sight and are practically blind or completely blind. As a way of getting around when foraging for food, working ants leave a trail that only other ants can detect and follow with their sense of smell. This is known as a pheromone trail. These pheromone trails are used to navigate to and from the colony when in search of food. As a result of their bad eyesight, they will use the electrical wires and the pipes within the walls of your home as a way to get around your house; a highway of sorts. Because of this way of navigation, ants will oftentimes be found in your kitchen as well as your bathrooms.


With over 10,000 different species of ants, you should know that most are completely harmless. These ants pose no threat to you or your property and act mainly as nuisances in your life as you try to eradicate them from your homes and your lawns. You could pick these ants up and all they’d do is scamper around on your hand without stinging or biting you. However, there are some species that can pose serious threats. Among these species of dangerous ants are: Carpenter Ants, fire Ants, and Pharaoh Ants. Carpenter Ants are known to be destructive to the structure of homes and buildings, Fire Ants are known for biting and stinging people, and Pharaoh Ants are dangerous because they transmit bacteria and disease. While there are dangerous species, most ant species are completely harmless to you and your property.

Why do I have an ant problem?

Since ants are very complex and well-organized insects, treatment to eradicate them is very different from other types of pests. One of the leading reasons for having ant issues within your home comes from not storing or cleaning food sources properly. When you leave food out, it becomes a food source. As soon as it is found by one ant, that one ant will lead the rest of them right to your home, and now you have an ant problem. The most common places to find ants are in kitchens, bathrooms, waste and compost areas, leaky water faucets, potted plants, barbeques/grills, and pet food. Another place where you can find ants on your property is in decaying wood and other debris. These places and materials contain moisture which in turn attracts ants to it. In some cases, ants can infest the walls through crevices and cracks and then cause damage to the area.

How do I get rid of ants?

The main reason treatment for ants is so difficult is due to their innate ability to detect most products. Our professional exterminators treat your home using top-of-the-line products to prevent ants from detecting the treatments. These products include an odorless bait that influences the ants to pick it up and transfer it to the colony. They do that because they mistake the bait for food sources. This is effective at getting the ants at the source of the problem, which is underground.

In addition to baits, our exterminators can use liquid treatments to help with ants. We can use products to target active ant trails, and as they walk over it the product will then stick to the ants. This causes a transfer effect in the colonies as ants bump into each other along their trails.

Recon Pest Services prides itself in trained technicians who know how to protect your home. Understanding ants and their behaviors is what we do. Wherever they are, in or around your home, we know how to treat them.


Q: Why do I have ants inside my home?

A: Ants are attracted to all kinds of things, but the most common are sources of food: Sugars, carbs, and proteins.

Q: My home is clean. Why are they here?

A: If ants are not finding food sources, they can also be attracted to certain chemicals found around the home. In most cases these ants will be trailing in from the exterior.

Q: What can I do to help prevent ants?

A: Clearing debris and maintaining the yard work on the property goes a long way in prevention. Leaves and other clutter on the foundation and in the gutters should be removed as quickly as possible. Inspect and fill any cracks and crevices in walls as well as replace any worn thresholds and weather stripping on doors and windows.

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