WHAT IS A COCKROACH? Cockroaches are a scavenging, winged insect that are commonly found around people. They take advantage of the living resources they need (food, water, and shelter) that we so readily provide them without even realizing it. Cockroaches are characterized by their flattened, oval body, long thin antennae, and shiny brown or black color. They are more difficult than most bugs to squish or stomp due to their very strong and flexible exoskeleton. They are experts at getting into tight, unwanted spaces because of their ability to flatten themselves. Cockroaches can also be major problems because they are prolific breeders. This means that they can reproduce very quickly. In their case, cockroaches can produce over 50,000 offspring a year. Because of this, you can have a large intrusion of cockroaches before you even know it.


There is no secret when it comes to cockroaches being utterly reviled and feared. They are the pest that people seem to hate down to their very core and are completely disgusted by. The disgust and fear that accompanies cockroaches is not wrongfully placed. While they don’t bite or produce any forms of poison, they can carry a multitude of dangerous intestinal diseases and germs that can be very harmful to you and your family. They contaminate food when they touch it, leaving behind all of the dangerous bacteria they are carrying. To make matters worse, cockroaches are very resilient and very difficult to get rid of. Among being hard to kill and carrying dangerous germs and diseases around, cockroaches also can be an allergen source with roughly 63% of US homes containing cockroach allergens. They are the number one source of asthma triggers in urban environments. This happens as you breathe in the skin and waste that they leave behind. Overall, Cockroaches are reviled for a good reason, because they can be very dangerous to you and your family.


The tricky thing about cockroaches is that they are able to get into your home through a bunch of various methods. One of the common ways they come into your home is through hitchhiking on anything from furniture to cardboard boxes. They can also squeeze through cracks and crevices in the foundation and thresholds. Another common way that they get in is through shared walls in multi-unit buildings or along pipes and plumbing. Like most pests, cockroaches need food, moisture, and shelter to survive. A lot of times that food source is the food that humans eat. However, since they are smaller than us, the crumbs that fall between the cracks of the counters and get swept under the stove and fridge are perfect for them. Typically cockroaches can be found at night as lights are turned on. They sense the light and will hide from it. Not all species live inside and create infestations—some species live outdoors and wander inside from time to time.


Control for cockroaches can be achieved through persistence. German Cockroaches are one of the hardest pests to achieve control over due to breeding habits and cycles. Insect growth regulators, baiting, and liquid treatments are all effective methods of treatment.

Recon trains their technicians to inspect and determine which species of cockroach is being dealt with. After the inspection, the severity of the problem and species of cockroach will help us determine control treatment. We have a very unique and formulated game plan for eliminating any cockroach activity. This allows our customers the peace of mind that they need in order to know that these pests will be taken care of properly.


Q: Why do I have cockroaches in my home?

A: Certain species of cockroaches get in through bad thresholds and doors and are seeking moist areas. A lot of times they wander in as they are attracted to food sources and moisture. Other species will come in and infest walls, cupboards, appliances and voids. These roaches, when they find suitable living conditions for themselves, are there to stay.

Q: My home is very clean. How do I have cockroaches?

A: If a home has a true infestation, then the cockroaches have found food, shelter, and moisture. Originally, these cockroaches could have hitchhiked in on a cardboard box from the grocery store or from secondhand furniture.

Q: What can I do to help prevent cockroaches?

A: There are multiple, easy ways to prevent against cockroaches:
  • Get rid of clutter in the house
  • Sanitize areas in the kitchen that can collect crumbs and grease
  • Inspect any furniture that comes into the home
  • Get rid of cardboard and replace it with totes.

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