Pest Control Services

Here at Recon Pest Services we offer our residential and commercial clients premium pest control services throughout the cities of Omaha, Ralston, Papillion, La Vista, Chalco, Boys Town, Green Meadows, Bellevue, Carter Lake, Springfield, NE, and surrounding areas. Some of our pest control services includes the following:

Code Green Unlimited

Our Code Green Unlimited services include the seasonal treatment of pests in a wide variety of places in and around a property, such as:

  • Full Interior Treatment
  • First and Second Story Eaves
  • Foundation Treatment
  • Garage and Driveway
  • Doors and Windows
  • Lawn Treatments
  • Ornamental Areas
  • Trees and Bushes
  • Sheds and Outbuildings
  • Fence Line

Read More About Code Green Unlimited >>

Mosquito Air Support

We understand how annoying it can be to try and spend some nice relaxing quality time in your yards when being constantly bitten those nasty mosquitos. Let us help you try and enjoy more time in your outdoor spaces with our mosquito air support treatments. Our professionals have all the knowledge and experience necessary when tackling the issue of mosquito’s so let us take care of it al for you! Read More About Mosquito Air Support >>

Combat Services

Our Combat Services are specialized pest control services to tackle those types of pests that are a little more difficult to get rid of such as rodents and wasps. Some pests are more dangerous to trey and eliminate your self like wasps; you would not want to be stung by several wasps trying to knock down a nest by yourself! And when it comes to rodents, we have special Combat Boxes that will help get rid of them in a humanely manner. Read More About Combat Services >>

Residential Pest Control

We offer reliable and customized residential pest control services. These solutions are crafted to meet your specific requirements. Our team ensures that all the pests from your property are eliminated quickly and efficiently. We use organic pest control products for all interior treatments. Experts tackle all the interior spaces and ensure that the outdoor areas are free of pests too. Whether you want us to come in for a one-off service or a contractual plan, we can help. Our company focuses on preventive control so that you do not have to deal with this problem at all in the first place. While we offer high-quality services, you will find that we maintain very affordable pricing. Read More About Residential Pest Control >>

Commercial Pest Control

We offer high-quality commercial pest control solutions to clients across the region. Our team of experts can handle projects on various properties, including retail stores, educational institutions, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and more. We always use organic pest control products while handling interior treatment, ensuring that all areas are covered correctly. Since we adopt a customized approach, you can rest assured that your pest control work will be handled in line with your specific requirements. We also accommodate scheduling requests, and our team will come in at a time convenient to you. We can create a detailed commercial pest control plan based on the area to be covered and the number of treatments needed. Read More About Commercial Pest Control >>

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