Code Green Unlimited

Recon's Code Green Unlimited Service provides a treatment each season of the year. This gives your home protection year-round, combating pests as they change with the seasons. The subscription also gives you access to our UNLIMITED Recon Treatments at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. This provides you and us the flexibility to customize your service to best fit your needs while keeping the billing consistent and predictable.

Code Green Unlimited Services

Some of our Code Green Unlimited services include the following areas in and around your home or place of business:

Full Interior Treatment: we will treat the whole interior of your home or business. Our staff will determine which pests need to be targeted and how often the treatment will be needed for optimum results.

First and Second Story Eaves: the eaves in any type of building are particularly important in our pest control treatments for they are a hot spot for all types of unwanted pests.

Foundation Treatment: we have the right type of testing equipment to check for pests in your foundations, which will allow us to determine what type of treatment is best suited to your needs.

Garage and Driveway: as part of our code green unlimited package, we will thoroughly check driveways and garages for pests and treat accordingly.  

Doors and Windows: pests also love to inhabit doors and windows in and around home and buildings, so these areas are always checked and treated by our technicians.

Lawn Treatment: our professionals can also check your lawns for any effects by garden and lawn pests. We may be able to bring your lawns back to looking green and lush again.

Ornamental Areas: if you have ornaments that are rarely moved you may find pests like to inhabit such places. So, these areas we will also treat.

Trees and Bushes: these areas are also hotspots for pests. We will always include these areas in an outdoor pest treatment.

Sheds and Outbuildings: these areas are usually very populated with all kinds of unwanted pests including spiders, rats, mice, and many others. We make sure to thoroughly treat sheds and outbuildings.

Fence Line: the fence is the border of your property and a good place to treat for it can prevent pests from getting even closer and settling into other places around your home or business.

You can rest assured knowing that we will keep on top of your seasonal pest control requirements with our Unlimited package. Our friendly and helpful staff will be able to remind you each season and make sure that your specific pest needs are adhered too. For we understand that no one likes to have any creepy crawlies around the home or the work environment. So, let us take care of your pest control needs for you. Simply contact us at Recon Pest Services today on 402-22-RECON and we will come out to your property and assess the pest services required!

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